Monday, July 23, 2007

Alive with taste

check here for a bit of press on the competition phase of this event...on
more press:


This weekend was spent painting a graffiti ad/mural for Bacardi. On friday 30 artists responded to an open call, and competed for the 8 contract positions. On saturday and sunday the 8 finalist artists painted the following work in spraypaint.
There will be a timelapse video produced from the event,
(watch for updates here, and on my youtube page)

Artists: Kismet, Horus, Elicsr, Globe, Sight, ArtChild, Ronie,Bacon

the mural will be visible for 4 weeks, and then will be replaced by some other advertising. If you live in the Toronto area, you can find this wall at the SE corner of John and Adelaide.

This is the only creative/marketing input we were given. It was our responsibilty to incorp[orate as much of this design, specifically the logo and splashing liquid...other than that, the artists had a fairly open canvas to work with. We were also asked to incorporate the "alicve with taste" slogan, but as seen below, we managed to make that very stylized.

progress shots:


SightOne-overseeing from our VIP campout spot.

finished mural

Monday, July 16, 2007

step by step

I made a slideshow, demonstrating how I get from this:

to this

Until I can figure out how to embed this slideshow this link will have to do
click here
for a 22 image slideshow

looks like this will work:

Whippersnapper-the wrap up

Here's some pics from the show at whippersnapper this past weekend.
It was a bit of a weird group of artists. With a large portion of the show dedicated to youth/community arts groups, it felt a little disconnected. My work was edited down from the 5 pieces I hoped to have hang- for space reasons, which is always disapointing, but as far as things go, I couldn't complain, since there were other artists who also only had a small showing.

I would have liked to show more of this new collection, and as it stood, it was really hard to get a feeling for the aesthetic in the work, which sadly, is kind of the point...oh well.. C' est La vie..

so without further adieu
(p.s. apologies to the artists whose names I did not get)

-next update Ive got some new pieces on the go, and I shot about 15 progress shots of one of them, so when I can generate an animated .gif, or slideshow for that I will post it here..

-also Ive got video of my MTV appearance on its way via snail mail, so I will be you-tube-ing that asap.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Exhibit at Whippersnapper July 14th.

I'll be participating in a group show at whippersnapper gallery this month.

Opening reception Saturday July 14th.
Located at 587A College st. (above china doll)
reception will start at 7 pm, and likely go until about 10 or 11pm.

I'm pretty excited about this show, since it will be the unveiling of my new series titled
"Sex Sells"
which features pinup and portraits of women. the work is very illustration based, which I suppose is a reflection of my work as an illustrator for the last few years. With these pieces however I am attempting to merge a variety of influences into a stylish hybrid collection.

Taking influence from tattoo art, graffiti, and pinup illustration; I think this is a series that will surprise many of my collectors and fans.
(Ha! look at me, with 'collectors' and' fans'... :P )

So with no further adieu, heres some images:
(excuse the quality-photobucket or blogger seems to be enlarging the images)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

3ds max v9.

I've been learning 3DS Max 9
here's some quick renders I did recently.