Saturday, October 25, 2008


Not sure why photobucket isnt res-zing my thumbs for me, so just click the images to view

Been working on a pile of commissions this month..thought zI'd post up some of the conceptual drawings for the sake of feeding your eyes.

These first batch are all for one proposal. My art Direction was to only use red, white and black. The piece will be hanging in the entrance to a design studio

The best 4 of these were chosen for submission, and then from there I developed this concept based on the feedback received. (the addition of a grey blue was also added to my pallete)

and then I have also been developing this canvas tryptich for another client in Vancouver.

The text is an Estonian word "Avatud"

and then a final piece "Mojo" for the same Vancouver client.

coming up next on the p4 blog will be my work on Vancouvers pilot project between BC Hydro and the city, that invovled me painting a BC Hydro power box (Padamount)
as well I have 4 PVC toys being customized for the show coming up next month.

Oh and I've also got a line of shirts coming out very soon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PVC toy/art exhibit

Wow, life has thrown me a pile of interesting projects this month, so expect a flood of posts to come in the next few weeks. Ive got about 5 proposals on the go, and am just about to be slammed with Christmas commission work.

So quickly to update, I just got put down for a local customized PVC toy exhibit happening in November.

Facebook Group Info
and the
official PVC2008 Blog


Looks like a huge lineup of artists..
- The Artist Lineup -

1. Sucklord [Suckadelic] [NY, USA]
2. Camilla d'Errico [Vancouver, BC]
3. Ben Tour [Vancouver, BC]
4. Ilanena [Toyko, Japan]
5. Cris Rose [aka SNEAK] [UK]
6. TML Stars [London, UK]
7. Hans Yim [APW Gallery] [NY, USA]
8. Kerry Lee [APW Gallery] [NY, USA]
9. J3 Concepts [WA, USA]
10. FAS aka [SELPH_ONE] [NY, USA]
11. Slobot [SC, USA]
12. Galleriedesoto [USA]
13. AW177 [NY, USA]
14. Rsinart [PA, USA]
15. Rotoreject [USA]
16. Pocketwookie [NB, USA]
17. D-LuX [Detroit, USA]
18. Coreroc [OH, USA]
19. Manga_spawn [AZ, USA]
20. Del730 [LA, USA]
21. Laszlo [OH, USA]
22. Brian Colin [GA, USA]
23. Java [K7 Clan] [USA]
24. Shimotakimas [USA]
25. Soak [Vancouver, BC]
26. Sueme [Vancouver, BC]
27. Ensoe [Vancouver, BC]
28. Bent One [Vancouver, BC]
29. Colin Moore [Vancouver, BC]
30. Duke Barstow [Vancouver, BC]
31. Munk One [Vancouver, BC]
32. Creed [Vancouver, BC]
33. Scott AmFreshHaus [Vancouver, BC]
34. Kimberly Cairns [Vancouver, BC]
35. Angela Ling [Vancouver, BC]
36. Judson Beaumont [Vancouver, BC]
37. Corey Stewart [Vancouver, BC]
38. The Noble Savage [Vancouver, BC]
39. Emon Xie [Vancouver, BC]
40. Serenna Romanycia [Vancouver, BC]
41. English [Vancouver, BC]
42. Arden Marow [Vancouver, BC]
43. Serna 1 [GH] [Vancouver, BC]

Here's some teasers of what I have in the works...

More blank canvases...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So about a year ago I got paid a few dollars to release image rights for a graffiti wall I did as part of some random community 'clean up the alley's' day..
At the time "the Rocker was going to be starring Donny Wahlburg, but it appears they went a different direction by the time it was released....
Heres my piece, and some screens from the movie..

In the movie they walk out of this club and towards the end of the alley where my piece can see some of the other guys stuff in the shots but its pretty dark until they stop for this one on one scene right in front of my piece.

Since this was legal graffiti, the studio was obligated to pay for image rights..had this been some random illegal vandalism, I would have no intellectual property rights...that being said it was nice to get paid for something I already did, rather than just seeing it in the movie after the fact.