Monday, July 14, 2008


For this update I thought I'd share some sketches from my books over the last month. With a trip to BC that left me computer less for two weeks I had a lot of time to work on paper.

this is a sketch that I worked on during my Bus trip from Toronto to Vancouver, over three days. For the keen of eye, there are actually several words and messages hidden in this abstract piece..I dont remember everything I wrote in it, but I do remember the words "prairie dog" are in there somewhere.

This was drawn during the latter part of my bus ride through northern ontario. I have always loved the oxidized canadian shield that the TCH is carved through. I was also inspired by the amount of fir trees along the roads as I travelled, and was reminded of many a group of seven painting which i never really appreciated until then.

As it turned out, I finished this sketch up just as the shield and trees began to give way to rolling hills and open plains, entering the prairies the next morning..

this is another bus sketch..

a funny bird I drew one day in my planner whilst killing time somewhere. Kinda looks like a Nick DiGenova type thing...

a little horus freestyle sketchy, I think I drew this on the subway one day, again in my planner..

So, thats the sketches update. It's always good to get away from the laptop and re-tune your hand skills.

As for new projects, a couple teaser images..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This past weekend was Beats, bgreaksand Graffiti, the battle. Held at harbourfront centre on July 5th and 6th. This event was organized By Horus and the Manifesto staff, including Steve Ferrara of
Toronto has seen yearly graffiti expo's and demo's for years now, but this event was unique in offering a cash prize.
congratulations to elicsr and Iah for taking the cash prize!
We hope to see this event happen again, and bigger!
Heres the official Manifesto webpage:

here's some links to outside blogs that have photos

on HX4

I'll add more as they trickle in.

Coming up soon will be a series of murals by me in Vancouver...I can't wait!